Focused on environmental sustainability, Hanna Brophy values the economic, social and environmental benefits that practicing green delivers. As more and more companies take steps to make their businesses greener, they expect to work with green partners. And as an integral part of any business team, lawyers are following in their footsteps. Hanna Brophy is no exception as we lead green by example.

Through the development of state-of-the-art technology and software, Hanna Brophy first began implementation of a green initiative by significantly curbing the firm’s paper consumption. The firm believes there are attractive alternatives to the massive production and waste of paper by the litigation community. Today at the firm, no one receives paper mail, rather it routes through a central office for scanning and is then sent electronically to the internal recipient. The firm also encourages receipt of subpoenaed records by electronic means only, and encourages client communication electronically whenever possible.

The process of changing the practice and culture of the firm to become greener everyday continues. The firm’s robust technology and software system enables attorneys to work remote anywhere anytime. Additionally, many of our attorneys have taken a personal challenge to leave the car at home and commute green. Some commute to work and court by train, by bus, and some even by bicycle. We think it’s smart and responsible to lead green by example.

Details and other examples of our green initiatives include:

  • Reduce waste
    Our goal is to eliminate unnecessary photocopying and reuse packaging for shipping.  All office products, including food are routinely recycled.
  • Green office environments
    Hanna Brophy has offices that: 1) are Green certified 2) use timers to turn lights off automatically 3) turn off all office equipment at night, and 4) use energy efficient light bulbs.
  • Paperless
    Our practice is to scan, shred and recycle all incoming mail. All incoming CDs are electronically captured and then recycled. The majority of our correspondence is completed via email.  When paper is necessary, it is photocopied on both sides and old letterhead/forms are used for scratch paper.
  • Commute
    Our San Francisco office offers transit passes to employees who take the bus or BART.  Our Oakland office offers safe bike racks for cyclists. Attorneys are encouraged to telecommute when possible. All employees are encouraged to use public transportation.
  • Business travel
    Video teleconferencing has been installed in all firm offices to encourage video conferencing over car travel between offices.
  • Buying green
    We require suppliers to provide sustainable product alternatives. Our goal for buying recycled, refurbished, or used is 80%.  When an appliance or piece of equipment needs replacing, we will replace it with an energy-efficient option. 
  • Detoxification and e-waste
    All used batteries and copier toner is properly disposed of.  Old computers, printers and other electronic devises are recycled through e-waste recycling programs. Alternatives to toxic substances are requested of suppliers.
  • Transportation of products
    Our policy for shipping and receiving is to always evaluate the impact of products we buy, and find ways to mitigate those impacts.
  • Hanna Brophy Green Team
    Hanna Brophy has established a team to lead the firm's eco-efforts and determine the biggest green impact for the least amount of money.
  • Communicate
    Our policy is to inform suppliers of our green goals and let our clients about our efforts.