Some might say Melanie has workers’ compensation in her blood as her father has been in the workers’ compensation community since before Melanie was born, albeit on the applicant’s side. This insight into workers’ compensation and ability to discuss concepts with her father has given Melanie a unique opportunity to understand workers’ compensation from the perspective of the other side. Melanie often attends the California Applicant Attorney Association conventions in order to better understand the thinking of applicants’ attorneys. This allows Melanie to more successfully counter and refute the claims of her opposition.

Melanie represents and defends self-insured employers, including school districts, hotels, airlines, and retail stores, in workers’ compensation matters, 132a claims, and serious & willful claims. She also defends insurance carriers in workers’ compensation matters.

Melanie has been with Hanna Brophy’s San Francisco office since May of 1997.

  • Labor Code section 132a
  • Workers' Compensation Defense

  • State Bar of California

Awards & Rankings
  • Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law, State of California


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